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Essentials to Help Beat Heat Stress in Cattle

BY Purina Animal Nutrition

Essentials to Help Beat Heat Stress in Cattle

If you’re a kid at the swimming pool, the heat of summer can be delightful. But for cattle, summer heat can be dangerous, even deadly.

Heat stress in cattle is not something to be taken lightly. A few precautionary steps are essential to help cattle through hot weather.

Use cattle fly control methods to reduce fly irritation, grouping behavior and help alleviate heat stress caused by grouping.

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Watch cattle waterers

The most important essential to avoid heat stress in cattle is the availability of clean, fresh water. Water intake can increase by up to 50 percent during extreme heat. Water not only prevents dehydration, but many animals will place their tongue and nose in the water to help cool the body.

Here are some cattle water tips:

Use cattle fly control

Controlling flies is another essential strategy to prevent heat stress in cattle. Biting, irritation and blood loss caused by flies adds stress to the animal. To protect themselves from flies, cattle often group together. But this behavior can cause animals at the center of the group to become overheated.

Here are some go-to cattle fly control methods:

More hot weather essentials

In addition to water management and cattle fly control, here are a few more essentials to help combat heat stress in cattle:

A few small changes can help keep cattle comfortable when the summer temperatures rise.

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