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Our Story

San Saba County's Oldest Feed Store

History in the Making

San Saba Produce is located in San Saba County on the town square across the street from the San Saba county courthouse. The feed store has been in business since the 1940s and has been a long time licensed Purina feed store and dealer. We offer central Texas a full line of wildlife, equine, livestock, pet, show, agricultural, and lawn and garden products.

San Saba Produce got its start buying and selling agriculture products like wool, mohair, pecans, grains, and eggs produced by farmers and ranchers in San Saba county. We were also a full service feed store providing customers with quality feed and supplies. San Saba Produce became a Purina dealer in the late 1940’s and has since grown into the county’s longest running feed store and well know as a trusted partner for producers throughout the county and surrounding ares.

Our Story

Commitment to Excellence

Cade McBee grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Growing up, thanks to his father, he had a strong passion for the outdoors and a eagerness to pursue hunting and fishing all over the state of Texas. Having grown up in an agricultural family it was only natural for Cade to pursue business in the agricultural industry. In 2006 had the wonderful opportunity to go to work with his Dad in the family business of turf grass farming. For the next ten years Cade managed three farms along with the day-to-day operations which included heading up sales for the family business. Grateful for the opportunity, Cade found the business taught him the importance of taking responsibility, maintaining integrity, and what it takes to make an honest living while being self-employed.

Cade also ran a commercial cow operation and was involved in commercial hay production. With the retirement of his father and the sale of the family business, he was blessed with an opportunity to relocate his family to the small country town of San Saba, Texas with his wife and children.

Now the owner of San Saba Produce, Cade has found that going from a producer to a supplier in the agricultural industry has presented him many new learning experiences. With his wife’s family roots in the county, and San Saba community, the transition to small town life has been exciting and rewarding. Owning the feed store has allowed Cade to get directly involved with the outdoor and hunting industry, a long time dream of since his days as a young boy hunting with his dad. Being able to visit with deer hunters, help them with their needs, and hear about their hunting adventures has been a joy.

Cade and his wife look forward to growing the business and continuing to help local agricultural producers and San Saba residents, as well as the numerous deer hunters that frequent our beautiful area of Central Texas.

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